Steve Cotter is one of the top resources in the world for kettlebell training and he is also the personal kettlebell trainer of 9x World BJJ Champion Xande Ribeiro. He talks about how to implement kettlebells into your conditioning routine for Jiu-Jitsu! Click “read more” for show notes! 


  • How he first got into kettlebells
  • The edge that kettlebells have over other forms of weight training
  • Why grapplers are flocking to kettlebells
  • Working with Xande Ribeiro and other BJJ stars
  • Catering your motions with kettlebells to mimic motions in grappling
  • What size kettlebell should you start with?
  • Fundamental kettlebell exercises
  • Why the way you grip the kettlebell is vital to success
  • Advanced kettlebell exercises that exist
  • Key points for beginners
  • The benefit of low injury rates with kettlebells
  • Training frequency and duration
  • What to expect from the free content for GCP listeners at