Silverfox is back! We catch up with him and what he’s been up to since the pandemic and discuss gym culture, academy expansion, selecting enforcers, managing egos and overcoming plateaus. He also gives technical insight to armbars and guillotines! Click “read more” for listening options and show notes!

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  • Catching up
  • Ramping up his online presence during Covid
  • School ownership during Covid
  • Quarantined training
  • Online learning
  • Training with the same person all the time
  • Expanding an academy
  • Principles of being a successful school owner
  • Creating a culture within the academy
  • Gym enforcers
  • Managing ego in training
  • Note taking
  • Plateaus
  • Training frequency
  • The Pummel
  • Aspects of his game he’s working to improve
  • Developing a strong guillotine
  • Front headlocks for transitions
  • His new Guillotine instructional from BJJ Fanatics
  • His Armbar instructional from BJJ Fanatics
  • The 4 elements of a good armbar
  • Questions from the listeners
  • 2021 goals