Sean Daugherty joins the show to talk about the early UFC days, training at the Lion’s Den, the value of learning other styles and mental coaching. He also discusses the importance of pursuing passion, positive self-talk and advice for struggling students. Click “read more” for show notes and listening options!

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  • Origins
  • Overcoming bullying through martial arts
  • Are ethics missing from modern martial arts?
  • Finding grappling
  • Meeting Frank Shamrock
  • Training at the Lion’s Den
  • The development of his ground game
  • Exploring other styles
  • John Saylor
  • Learning grappling as a whole
  • Empowering other people
  • Managing negative thought patterns
  • The importance of pursuing passion
  • Confidence vs narcissism
  • Self talk
  • Social media’s impact on society
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Learning to not take yourself too seriously
  • The Pummel
  • Mental coaching
  • Advice for struggling students
  • 2020 goals