Adam Wardzinski joins the show to talk about the BJJ scene in Poland, the path to becoming a professional grappler, rolling vs drilling and why it’s important to roll with lower belts. He also gives a deep breakdown of the Butterfly Guard! Click “read more” for listening options and show notes!

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  • The Coronoavirus quarantine
  • His origins
  • Sparring in traditional martial arts
  • The BJJ scene in Poland
  • Lack of funding for athletes
  • Why he’s not a fan of federations
  • Finding a way to get funding as an athlete
  • The path to become a professional grappler
  • The value of tournaments opposed to super fights for upcoming athletes
  • The turning point for him as a competitor
  • The development of his style
  • Butterfly Guard
  • His instructional with BJJ Fanatics  (Coupon Code: GRAPPLINGCENTRAL15)
  • Common mistakes from Butterfly Guard
  • The Pummel
  • Rolling vs Drilling
  • Why it is important to roll with lower belts
  • His advice for competitors who lose a lot
  • The importance of mastering the mental game
  • 2020 goals