Demian Maia returns to the show to talk about his recent win over Ben Askren, managing fear and his plans for after fighting. He also goes deep on the details of his game, shares his thoughts on drilling and talks about parenting as a pro fighter. Click “read more” for listening options and show notes!

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  • The Ben Askren fight
  • His strategy going into the fight
  • Managing fear
  • The unique challenge this fight gave him
  • The single leg takedown
  • Developing a takedown game
  • His passing system
  • Quality vs quantity in techniques
  • Back control
  • Drilling vs rolling
  • The dilemma he creates to get the rear naked choke
  • John Danaher
  • “Grossarias” and “Rude-Jitsu”
  • Trainable techniques
  • His new upcoming instructional with BJJ Fanatics (coupon code GRAPPLINGCENTRAL15)
  • His Youtube channel
  • The Pummel
  • Keeping your kids interested in training
  • Setting the example as a parent
  • Cellphones, social media and screen time
  • Preparing your kids for the world
  • Goals for 2020