Nathan Mendelsohn joins the show to talk about training in Brazil, learning Portuguese and structuring a kids class. He also talks about competition preparation and his new Hip Hop album Kimura Trap Vol 1 featuring the hit single “No G in a Gi”. Click “read more” for listening options and show notes!

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  • Origins
  • Moving from striking arts to grappling
  • Waiting periods for rolling
  • The importance of being a good guide as an instructor
  • Positional drilling
  • His kids class format
  • His advice to parents to prevent overloading their kids
  • Dealing with difficult parents of kid students
  • Competition mindset for kids
  • Avoiding “people pleasing” as an academy owner
  • Training in Brazil
  • Learning Portuguese
  • Training in the US compared to Brazil
  • Rolling with black belts
  • The Pummel
  • Becoming a Hip-Hop artist
  • Grip breaking and patience
  • The importance of imposing your game
  • Developing a mantra
  • Managing nerves
  • Etiquette when visiting other schools
  • Goals for 2020