Michael Liera Jr joins the show to talk about the definition of Jiu-Jitsu, finding comfort in suffering and some of the big breakthroughs he had in his journey. He also talks about addressing passivity, and shares his deep hatred for cantaloupe. Click “read more” for listening options and show notes!

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  • Origins
  • Finding Jiu-Jitsu
  • What is Jiu-Jitsu really?
  • Putting himself in white belt’s shoes
  • Comfort with suffering
  • Adapting Jiu-Jitsu to different personality types
  • Addressing a passive student
  • Why he loves working with white belts
  • Journal keeping
  • His toughest rank
  • Black belt competition
  • His biggest breakthrough
  • Maintaining a healthy training mindset
  • Self accountability
  • The Pummel
  • His deep hatred for cantaloupe
  • Managing competition nerves
  • His plans to open his own school