Marcos Flores is the director of USA tournaments for Grappling Industries and a highly experienced referee. He talks about starting BJJ in his 30s, longevity on the mats, reffing over 10,000 matches and the intricacies or reffing. Click “read more” for show notes!



  • Origins
  • Starting BJJ after 30
  • Using a slow game
  • Longevity
  • Finding the right school
  • Running tournaments
  • The tournament business
  • The Pummel
  • reffing over 10,000 matches
  • Reffing the infamous match between Vagner Rocha and AJ Agazarm
  • Resetting positions in a match
  • Ref bias
  • The Only Submission Only tournament
  • Going head to head with IBJJF in NY