Harry Smith is a Catch Wrestler, BJJ enthusiast and former WWE superstar. He is also the son of WWE legend British Bulldog. He talks about the value of fundamentals, training in Japan, how Catch and BJJ complement each other and bouncing back from losses. Click “read more” for show notes!




  • Origins
  • Training with Josh Barnett and Billy Robinson
  • Learning from his father
  • His love for BJJ
  • Rickson Gracie
  • How BJJ has helped his Catch Wrestling
  • The value of fundamentals
  • Does strength matter?
  • His amateur wrestling background
  • Training in Japan
  • Josh Barnett’s lessons
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Rickson vs Anjo
  • Managing a loss
  • His diet / fasting
  • The Pummel
  • The differences between wrestling in the WWE and New Japan Pro
  • Jiu-Jitsu as therapy
  • His upcoming event with New Japan Pro
  • Why he feels Pro Wrestlers should train BJJ or a grappling style on the side
  • His plans for the future