Ryan visits San Francisco and catches up with Kurt. They recap Kurt’s event The KO Finisher, their time spent in SF, strangers offering Ryan drugs and Kurt’s upcoming tours. Kurt also drops a bombshell about his current teaching situation and his future. Click “Read More” for show notes! SHOW NOTES:

  • Kurt and Michelle’s 25th anniversary
  • The KO Finisher event recap
  • His plans for future events
  • Matt Cano stole Michelle’s cheeseburger
  • Kurt’s sudden split with Ralph Gracie Academy
  • His new academy in San Francisco
  • Loyalty and politics
  • The importance of being yourself, always
  • Kurt’s 90mph driving
  • Kurt nearly got Ryan arrested
  • Spending time in San Fransisco
  • Ryan was offered free acid by a stranger in Haight Ashbury
  • Kurt’s armored helmets and historical BJJ memorabilia
  • Questions from the listeners
  • Karen accuses Kurt of eating poop
  • Kurt’s first affiliate, Matt Cano of Cheyenne Jiu-Jitsu in Wyoming
  • How he structures his affiliates
  • His upcoming UK tour
  • His plans for an Australian tour
  • Weapons show and tell