One of Greco’s biggest stars and a fan favorite for his fun personality and exciting style, Robby talks about his origins, making the Olympic team and crazy stories from the road which include dodging Russian mobsters and accidentally eating cat meat. Click “read more” for show notes! SHOW NOTES:

  • His origins
  • Wrestling’s benefits off the mats
  • Improving over time
  • The biggest jumps in skill level he’s experienced
  • Making the Olympic Team
  • Preparing to step on the mat to compete
  • Wrestling is a special kind of grind
  • Recovery after training
  • The Rio Olympics
  • Robby Smith: Karaoke and dance floor legend
  • Having fun on the road
  • Competing in Iran
  • How he accidentally ate cat meat overseas
  • Russian mobsters / The Butcher of Moscow
  • Taking the road less traveled
  • MMA
  • Coaching / Concord Youth Center / Rocky Mountain Youth Wrestling
  • His father’s business
  • His advice for people who want to learn Wrestling as adults