Gabe Dean is one of the top Wrestlers in collegiate history. He talks about his intro to Wrestling through his father, why motivation isn’t as important as discipline and some of the hurdles Wrestling has helped him overcome. Click “read more” for show notes!


  • Cross training in grappling
  • His intro to wrestling through his father
  • Getting beat by a girl in his first match as a kid
  • Keeping training fun
  • Choosing wrestling over football
  • The appeal of individual competition
  • Motivation runs out, discipline lasts forever
  • Purpose drives discipline
  • The biggest hurdle wrestling has helped him overcome
  • His love for ice cream
  • Why he chose Cornell University over the other offers he received
  • How Cornell’s wrestling program stands out from others
  • Winning his first NCAA title
  • Why his second NCAA title meant more to him
  • His go-to techniques and moves
  • Stylistic changes between the high school and college levels
  • Teaching wrestling for BJJ
  • BJJ techniques he’s picked up
  • Wrestling drills for BJJ guys
  • Why he chose coaching over Greco
  • His favorite thing about coaching
  • How being a coach after so recently graduating helps him connect to his wrestlers
  • His big goal from here