Tom Deblass is back! He talks about his recent Fight to Win match, ADCC 2017, conditioning, the Dillon Dannis beef, obsessive mindset and using skills responsibly. He also talks about how he processes a loss and takes lessons from every match. Click “read more” for show notes! 


  • His recent Fight 2 Win match
  • How he processes a loss
  • Balancing his life
  • How much longer he thinks he can compete for
  • Obsessive mindset / Chasing perfection
  • Does Jiu-Jitsu attract crazy people?
  • His conditioning
  • His recent trip to Texas
  • His near match with Gordon Ryan
  • Competing at local tournaments
  • The Dillon Dannis beef
  • Trash talk and drama in competitive Jiu-Jitsu
  • His Wal-Mart incident
  • Using skills responsibly
  • Moral requirements  to be part of his affiliation