The Dade County Crippler is back! Ruben Alvarez makes his third appearance on the show and talks about self defense, his progress in the Miami Police academy, his recent performance at the Kakuto Challenge and Califlower Ears. Click “read more” for show notes! 


  • The police academy
  • Winning the Kakuto 9 absolute division
  • Why he often shares the cash prizes at tournaments with the 2nd place winner
  • Grappling for a living
  • His decision to become a police officer
  • How being a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner has helped him in his new path as a firearms instructor
  • Why a gun is not enough for self defense
  • The 21 foot rule
  • Realistic self defense training
  • Why chokes are king in a self defense situation
  • Nobody should be above running away from an attack
  • Steve Broughman / Atienza Kali
  • Police in America
  • Modern police hand to hand tactics
  • Califlower ear
  • Being part of the Tom Deblass affiliation
  • Rolling with Tom Deblass
  • Getting through burn out
  • His brand Sub Mafia
  • His future Jiu-Jitsu goals