One of the major stars of Team Atos, Professor Josh Hinger talks about his origins, transitioning from Wrestling to BJJ, serving in the Peace Corps and couch surfing. He also provides some excellent technique breakdowns! Click “Read More” for show notes! 


  • Making the UWW US Grappling Team
  • Why he doesn’t miss Wrestling
  • His origins / Starting Jiu-Jitsu
  • Living in Turkmenistan / Peace Corps
  • His MMA experience
  • Meeting Andre Galvao
  • Traveling for Jiu-Jitsu / Couch Surfing
  • Etiquette for “Jiu-Jitsu crashing”
  • Living on a sailboat
  • Training under Chris Brennan
  • Training with Atos
  • How to spot the badasses in the gym
  • Winning his first World Championship
  • The value of putting yourself under pressure
  • Elite Jiu-Jitsu: The art of making no mistakes
  • The power of being small
  • Passing the Half Guard / Shin Shield
  • Passing guard is hard
  • Improving your guard via reverse engineering by getting good at passing
  • One of the most important controls for passing the guard
  • How to make sweeps easy
  • How sweeps and take downs are mechanically similar
  • The biggest lesson Jiu-Jitsu competition has taught him
  • The Hingertine DVD
  • His plans for the future