A BJJ Brown Belt and Catch Wrestling specialist, Travis Newaza is a very respected grappler who competes actively around the world. He talks about applying positional pressure, his favorite matches and his favorite aspects of teaching. Click “Read More” for show notes! 


  • His origins
  • Martial arts as an alternate path in life for a lot of people
  • The CSW approach to Grappling
  • Erik Paulson as a coach
  • The benefits CSW has given him for competition
  • Why he keeps a humble mindset at all times
  • Why trying to always be “the best” can hold you back
  • Applying positional pressure
  • His favorite rule format for grappling
  • His desire to compete in an EBI event
  • Polaris 3
  • Competing against Professor Tom Deblass
  • His opinion of the trash talking in grappling
  • Rolling with Jeff Glover
  • Rolling with Sergio Hernandez
  • ADCC West Coast Trials
  • Note taking and tracking your grappling success
  • The formation of his schools
  • His favorite aspect of teaching
  • His ultimate goal in Grappling