Back for the second time, “Sambo” Steve Koepfer returns to talk about USA Combat Wrestling, His recent TV and film roles, the life of a stuntman and his prediction for the next craze in Grappling! Click “Read More” for show notes! 


  • Catching up since October
  • His recent USA Combat Wrestling Worlds results
  • Varying styles of Combat Wrestling depending on region
  • The rules of USA Combat Wrestling explained
  • His recent TV role on NBC’s The Blacklist
  • The world of stunt work / A day in the life of a stuntman
  • Combat realism in Hollywood
  • Things about the leg lock craze that irritate him
  • Don’t abandon principles for flair!
  • What he believes will be the next craze in Grappling
  • Steve’s advice for students who’s instructors don’t let them cross train
  • Basic take down drills everyone should be working on
  • How sweeps are similar to take downs on a technical level
  • “Regression to the mean”
  • Injury prevention when training take downs
  • The most overlooked aspect of self defense
  • Why you need to be sparring from the feet
  • Advice for the 40+ crowd / Longevity in Grappling
  • The difference between a fighter and a martial artist