UFC veteran and BJJ Black Belt Din Thomas joins the show to talk about his long MMA career, the never ending pursuit of perfect Jiu-Jitsu and his current role as a coach of some of modern MMA’s elite fighters at American Top Team! Click “Read More” for show notes!


  • Fighters he is currently prepping for fights
  • His life before Martial Arts / Why team sports weren’t for him
  • Getting bullied as a kid
  • The rapid evolution of fighting in the last 15 years
  • Technology’s role in the evolution of Martial Arts
  • How a brush with the law changed his life’s path to become a martial artist
  • His early MMA career
  • The never ending pursuit of perfect Jiu-Jitsu
  • His interest in learning self defense / Sparring for haircuts
  • Jiu-Jitsu being the great equalizer for smaller people
  • “Getting Lucky” in striking VS “Getting Lucky” in Grappling
  • A reason why many people quit Jiu-Jitsu
  • How the appeal of knockouts among fans has changed the structure of MMA
  • The importance of a well rounded game
  • Jiu-Jitsu’s effectiveness in no time limit situations
  • Learning from Master Ricardo Liborio
  • His decision to pursue MMA as a career
  • Shootfighting in the 90’s
  • His quick transition from smaller shows to the UFC
  • His UFC debut against BJ Penn
  • The mental preparation of fighting
  • His defining career moment
  • The decision to retire
  • Becoming a stand up and improv comedian
  • Coaching the new generation of fighters
  • Future plans