Professor Sam is a BJJ Black Belt, an SBJJIF Masters 1 World Champion, Professional MMA fighter, Former Police Officer, Bodyguard and Author. We talk about his transition from Football to BJJ, his time spent teaching Jiu-Jitsu in Abu Dhabi and what it is like being one of rapper Lil Wayne’s body guards. Click “Read More” for show notes!


  • Leaving Football behind / Intro to BJJ
  • A breakdown of his game
  • Frustrating BJJ styles to deal with
  • Dealing with the Spider Guard
  • The importance of control positions for self defense and Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Tactics
  • The negative opinions the public has of the Police and how BJJ can help that
  • His craziest Police story / Dealing with an attacker who is on drugs
  • His experiences teaching in the United Arab Emirates
  • His books on BJJ / Writing as a healthy outlet
  • Ryan and Sam get sidetracked by movies and professional wrestling of the 1980’s
  • Training in Brazil
  • Transitioning int0 MMA / being honest with yourself
  • Winning a World title
  • Preparing for competition
  • Advice for new competitors
  • His experiences being a bodyguard for Lil Wayne, Nicki Manaj and Juvenile
  •  Personal safety services
  • The recent shooting in Ft. Lauderdale